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Oil & Gas Tax Planning

Oil & Gas Tax Planning

We can help taxpayers budget for and pay quarterly federal and state income tax estimates throughout the year, as they receive royalty payments, instead of waiting until you file your tax return, so that you are prepared and know in advance any tax consequences you may have from receiving Royalty Payments. 

We can also help taxpayers with Payments for Right-A-Ways, Property Damages, Temporary Surface Use Agreements, Timber Damages, and Gas Leases in discussing tax implications of any of these without waiting until you file your tax return for that year. Planning for the above BEFORE you receive payments is more ideal.



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Glessner & Associates, PLLC is excited to announce the recent launch of our firm’s new website. We’ve been working very hard to enhance our website and give our firm a fresh look. We’ve also continued to research and identify the latest and greatest technologies to improve the services we provide and ensure we continue to meet your needs.

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